Meal planning

I’m naturally one of life’s planners, and sometimes wish I could embrace spontaneity a bit better. Like the people who make last minute decisions to fly to Paris for the weekend, and just hop on the plane without a second thought.  I, however, would fret: “Paris? Now? What about the kids? But I need a leg wax! And Ocado are coming at 7.00!” Anyway, I quickly realised that with diabetes, being a planner is no bad thing. Sure, we didn’t plan to have diabetes, but now it’s here, life is much more relaxed if I’ve organised in advance what we’re having to eat for the week ahead. Funnily enough, being more organised has actually made me more spontaneous: knowing that there’s food prepared, ready to stick in the oven and carb-counted, allows us a little more freedom to do last minute stuff.

I know not everyone likes to plan though, and when we were first diagnosed, I just wanted someone to take away the thinking for me. To tell me what, and how much to cook. So these meal plans are for when you have days like that. When you want a day off from thinking.

meal plan week 1



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