90 carbs-a-counted: Christmas lunch sorted

Christmas lunch
Photo courtesy of Cook

I’m feeling unusually relaxed for the run-up to Christmas. Mostly because I’ve just ordered my whole Christmas lunch in a couple of clicks, and I’ll have no peeling, chopping, stuffing or stressing to do on the day.  A couple of years ago, I used Cook for the first time for my Christmas lunch and it was fantastic: easy, delicious, full of better than home-cooked taste, and it meant that I didn’t have to spend my Christmas day getting sweaty and cross in the kitchen. I’ve ordered it again this year, and the additional benefit for us is that I even know now, a week in advance, how many carbs will be in the whole meal!

If you haven’t tried Cook food before, it’s brilliantly time-saving, delicious frozen food, home-cooked and delivered to your door, and they do a Christmas lunch with all the trimmings. So this year, we’ll be having stuffed crown of turkey, roast potatoes, parmesan roast parsnips, honey glazed carrots with thyme, slow-cooked gravy, Brussels sprouts with chestnuts and cranberries, pigs in blankets and stuffing, with barely any more effort than the wave of a magic wand.

Given that I cook for the other 364 days in a year, I’ve nothing to prove on Christmas day. And as my boys are growing older, family time is more and more precious. I would rather spend time playing Mario Kart 8 with them than carb-counting home-made gravy.

So Merry Christmas everyone. May you all have a fun, relaxed holiday season, and whatever you’re having for your Christmas lunch, bolus and enjoy!

Cook’s Christmas lunch carbs per portion:

  • Stuffed turkey crown: 6g
  • Stuffing: 9g
  • Roast potatoes: 25g
  • Parmesan roast parsnips: 14g
  • Gravy: 7g
  • Pigs in blankets: 2g
  • Honey & thyme carrots: 16g
  • Sprouts with chestnuts & cranberries: 11g
  • Total main course: 90g


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