Joining the juice gang

I know, I’m a little late to the juicing party. But I’ve just been given a Nutribullet for my birthday, and I haven’t been this excited since, hmm, since I got a Nespresso machine. The last thing the internet needs is another blog about the virtues of juicing, but I just have to say, I now get what the fuss is about. For the past few days, we’ve been starting our mornings with a hit of energy that tastes clean and vibrant. As one of my boys said, “It’s like the refreshing feeling when you’ve brushed your teeth, but it stays with you for longer.”

Eating and drinking healthily with diabetes is about more than counting carbs. For me, these juices are about cramming in as much goodness as you can, to ward off the colds and bugs that can knock a Type 1 for six. And they are absolutely for the whole family – diabetes or no diabetes. While I’m still sceptical about anything labelled #superfood or #eatclean, I do believe that eating (or drinking) your 5-a-day has to be a good thing. Given that each of these juices is made from 50% leafy green vegetables, 50% fruit and blended with water rather than fruit juice, the carb content is also much lower than a normal smoothie. And my boys have been knocking back kale – yes kale – and loving every drop.

Here are just two of the combinations we’ve tried so far, invented by the young man himself in fact:

Blueberry, banana & kale juice (above): fill your Nutribullet with 50% kale, a small banana, and top with frozen blueberries to the max marker. Fill with cold tap water to the ¾ level, and blend. 20g carbs total/10g per serving (makes two large cups).

Fruit-bowl leftovers (below): fill your Nutribullet with 50% kale, a small banana, one apple (cored and quartered), one orange (peeled), and a few red and green grapes, up to the max marker. Fill with cold tap water to the ¾ level, and blend. 34g carbs total/17g per serving (makes two large cups).

PS: I still love my Nespresso. There’s room for juice and cappuccino, right?

photo 1



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  1. mumoftype1 says:

    Woohoo! Look at you! Sounds lovely! I want to know how you get your kids to see tooth brushing as refreshing?


    1. Elly says:

      Ah ha, maybe because we don’t have a beach nearby to have a refreshing dip in the sea? Brushing your teeth is as exciting as it gets!


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