The 5:2 diet? Try the 24/7


I’m reposting this for the #DBlogWeek 2015 ‘Foods on Friday’ topic. This post pretty much sums up our approach to food, so would love to hear thoughts from the #DOC.

carb-counting kids

It feels a long time now since the rush of new year’s resolutions. Back in January, a whole bunch of my friends and colleagues jumped on the latest bandwagon, as they do every year, to go sugar-free, carb-free, dairy-free or, with the 5:2 fasting diet, pretty much food-free. Did they last? No. Do they look much fitter, healthier, happier? No again. Why does it bother me? I guess it’s something to do with seeing intelligent adults submitting themselves to a yo-yo regime, complete with mood swings, when with Type 1 diabetes, that’s precisely what we try to avoid.

People often ask me now if we follow some sort of special diabetes diet. Well, it’s called a healthy balanced diet. Pretty much the same as we ate before Type 1, with fresh fruit and veg, low fat, high fibre, plenty of lower GI slow-release carbs for growing boys, and, yes, sweets and ice-cream now and then. It’s the diet…

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