My name is Elly, I’m a working mum, and food has recently taken on a whole new significance for our family.

My 10 year old son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2013, so we were suddenly faced with the new challenge of counting carbohydrates for every meal to match his insulin doses. Luckily we already ate pretty well as a family, but when scouring the web for carb-counted, family-friendly food, I drew a bit of a blank.  Most diabetes recipe books and websites seemed to be focused on Type 2 and weight loss, while I needed to prepare robust, crowd-pleasing food for my two hungry, active boys, their equally hungry (and almost as active) dad, our 6 foot tall Swedish au-pair, and me.  I reckon that if my boy has to inject himself before every meal, it’s only fair to make that meal worth eating. So I’ve been adapting my own recipes, thumbing through all my cookbooks and favourite websites, and preparing weekly meal plans with a carb-count for each one.

I wanted to start a blog so that I could share our food experiences with others in the same situation. I’m not an amazing cook, and I’m always pushed for time, so I’m all in favour of short-cuts whenever possible. I’ll also be sharing some of the brands and products I’ve been discovering that make life with Type 1 taste better.  Oh, and all my recipes are peanut-free, sesame-free and, kiwi-fruit-free (yep, we have allergies in this family too!) 

Please note: I’m not a dietitian,  so while I’ve done my best, I can’t guarantee the accuracy of my carb-counting.



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  1. brianafrei says:

    I agree! After I was diagnosed, I found little help for those with T1. Support groups and magazines seem geared toward T2. Good thing the internet can help T1s find each other! I will pray for your son and your family as embrace this new journey.

  2. Ryan from DiabetesDailyGrind says:


    Just stumbled into your blog! I absolutely love the vision behind carb-counting kids. Looks like you’ve weaved some amazing, delicious recipes into your son’s diabetes management! Never tried pavlova, but I’ve filed that recipe away. As a kid who got diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 9, I totally appreciated my Mom trying to make low-carb meals taste good. She would have appreciated this no doubt!

    Thought I’d send you a fun opportunity to explore. DiabetesDailyGrind’s mission is to provide real support for the diabetes life. Real advice, about real life. As the editor, I’m looking to expand our base of people who contribute content to the site. We think your message would resonate well with our audience, especially some of those recipes! To check out what we’ve written and to check out the post submission process, here’s a link: http://www.diabetesdailygrind.com/write-for-the-ddg/

    We’d be more than happy to feature your blog right next to your content, along with any of your contact info, and hopefully send people your way!

    Ryan Fightmaster
    DDG Co-Founder and Editor

  3. Sian N says:

    Elly this blog is AMAZING! You have kept it a secret you naughty thing but I am so impressed! Can’t wait to tell the team xx

  4. Dottie bitterly says:

    Thank you…great info.

  5. teammum says:

    Love this blog – really useful recipes. I’m blogging for Diabetes Awareness Month during November. If you get a chance, check out my blog here https://racheljgood.wordpress.com Would love to link to yours.

    1. Elly says:

      Hey Rachel, thanks for this! Just looked at yours too – love it. Nice to connect with you 🙂

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